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Induction – Day 3

Yesterday went well.  I stayed on target for the meal plan, and I got a mile of walking in 🙂  Overall a good low carb day.

This morning I was starving (but didn’t eat until around 9amCST when I usually eat earlier than that).  So, I had FOUR scrambled eggs w/ onion, Colby & Monterey Jack cheese.  SO delish. I think I could eat the same thing every morning.  At least for now.  I do want to try this Chocolate Coconut shake listed in the Atkins book.  That could be a yummy way to start the day, too.

Lunch will be chicken breast (baked) and summer squash.

Dinner will be either chicken or fish.  Haven’t made up my mind yet.

I’ll update more later.  But for now, I have to get to work 😉


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Hi Philly!!! yayyy, we are officially co-blogging

Great day so far:

1hr circuit Workout- check

Meal planning for the day – check

Have eaten 1st meal w/ dessert – check

– 8am – Coffee w/ 2T heavy cream and 1 pkt truvia
Workout 930 – 1045

– 2 chicken thighs that were marinated in EVOO, lemon, garlic & herbs, cooked on iron skillet
– Cup of broccoli (steamed)
– 3 TBSP homemade AIOLI (recipe in the atkins recipe section)

Felt like i needed something sweet after, so did a choco mousse thing, whipped:
– 3T heavy cream, 1 pkt truvia, 1/2t cocoa powder
* it really did the trick and allowed me not to be lusting after my son’s bread pudding!


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Induction – Day 2

@Salina – what a great job you have done blogging your progress on Low Carb.  SO proud of you 😉

Today is Induction Day 2 for me.  For those of you who don’t know me, a Low Carb diet  (Atkins) is the way I lost my baby weight (after having four children) and kept it off for close to three years.  After going through a divorce, and losing the structure I had set up to exercise and diet low carb – the weight came back.  It’s SO important to realize that this is a lifestyle.  There is no “finally there” and quit living this way.  If you do, the same thing will happen – the weight will come back (and possibly additional weight to boot).  So stick with it.  Those are my words of wisdom today.

Okay – so far I have had 3 scrambled eggs w/ minced onion & shredded cheddar cheese. Mmmm – delish breakfast.

Oh, and of course three 8 oz cups of coffee (I am NOT a morning person.  The coffee is a necessity.)

For lunch, I will have a chicken salad (2 cups iceburg lettuce, 1/2 chicken breast baked, 5 grape tomatoes, and 1 0z shredded colby & monteray jack cheese w/ 2 TBSP of full fat Ranch dressing.  Mmmm!

For dinner, I will have Lemon Pepper Talapia and Broccoli w/ cheese.

If I am hungry inbetween meals, I will eat a couple boiled eggs.  I’m not too much of a snacker once I hit Ketosis.  I think I’m pretty close to getting there 🙂

I’ll plug all this into FitDay and post an update with the Calories, Carb, and Protein counts this evening (when I also post for accountability).

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Day 15 & 16 + weigh in ….

Day 15 could have been a good day … until i caved to some homemade white bread 😦

Macros for day 15:

1447calories / 42 NC / 112 protein

DAY 16 went well 🙂 … i have to make sure every day is like this! or i will be knocked outa keto & wt will start packing on! take off the fat suit … take off the fat suit … i keep telling myself …

1428calories / 20NC / 105 protein

2 scoops mocha protein powder mixed w/ 1T heavy cream & 1/2 T cocoa powder (makes it taste late-ish)

travel mug sz green tea w/ lemon wedge (unsweetened)

drank 1/2 of protein drink prior to workout then the rest post workout

* 1hr strength training circuit & 20m HIIT (sprints) on arc – tough workout!!

mid day: spring mix salad w/ 2T homemade Tzadziki sauce & boneless chicken thigh cooked tandori style (baked)

afternoon snack: 12 almonds & Coffee / 2T heavy cream & 1.5 pkt truvia

dinner: Low carb “burger”: burger patty w/ mustard on 2 oopsie rolls

dessert: chocolate mouse: 3T heavy cream w/ 1pkt truvia & 1/2T coacoa powder

evening snack: 1 hard boiled egg whites, 1 egg white & asian plum white tea & .5 pkt truvia

(3pkts sweetner consumed today – that’s my limit … we’ll see if i can still loose while consuming up to 3 pkts per day …)

feeling good …. just know that the pressure is on … If I can drop 4pds / mo (1pd / wk), i’m cool but i really messed up last week alot and it shows… however at least it looks like i’ll be down 4pds this month … but if i can do better, i need to … hoping week 3 will find me at 140 or lower …

wk 1: 146 to 141.5

wk 2: 141.5 to 142

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Happy Monday / Day 14 for me …

horrible past few days … getting back on track today … car is down… UGHHHH could not make it to the gym for workout & weigh in today

Macros: 1413 CALORIES / 17 NC / 101 FAT / 98 PROTEIN

green tea unsweetened w/ 1 wedge lemon
2 scoops protein powder w/ 1t coacoa powder & 1T heavy cream

2C Coffee w/ 2T heavy cream & sweetner

3 oopsie rolls / 2 beef patties / 3T ricotta

pm Snack:
green tea unsweetened w/ 1 wedge lemon

supplements: Fish Oil, Multi vitamin & mineral

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Day 9 / Happy Valentine’s Day ….

ok … just when i think i’ve nailed having baked goods around and not giving in … i mean I made cookie bars last week and was able to control myself … even sat next to them all week while working (they’re on the counter) and was still able to make it thru w/o too much temptation … but ughhh… made these Valentine’s day cupcakes … meant to have just 1 … well, had 2 … homemade strawberry cupcakes (1 cup berries in there – no butter, used coconut oil) with coconut frosting (again no butter, that frosting there is just coconut oil creamed w/ pwdr sugar & coconut extract topped w/ shredded coconut).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

then i had some fun and made a table scape

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

then made sure i did a guilt / compensation meal that would carry me thru the next few days … sauteed in coconut oil (yep, we use alot of it here): cabbage, sweet onion, garlic and beef roast, shredded.

ok, so my macros look like:
somewhere around 1800 – 1900 cal – not sure on the cal. count for the cupcakes
70 carbs
126 proteiin …

omg, horrible … have to be PERFECT tomorrow … have planned it all out … i’m putting it out here now to be accountable … macros for tomorrow look like:

1075 calories or 1175 if I have an extra cup of coffee w/ cream …
24 NC
109 protein

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Day 8 / Monday / Weigh 141.5 (starting weight 146)

LOST 4.5 pds!
Whoo Hoo ….
more than i expected
wore a fitted tank (tummy looked flatter – yayy) and my Hollister sweats (which my booty used to fill up but is starting to get a bit loser) … my workout partner noticed the difference …
killed it in the gym – 2hr strength circuit …

was thinking abt going traditional Atkins Induction but personally don’t like the restrictive nature of stressing on getting 12 – 15 foundation veggies and not being able to have 1/4c greek yogurt w/ 1/8C walnuts like i normally have …

I think i will continue traditional bodybuilding style keto (which is under 30NC – emphasis on high fat / moderate protein / low carb – not stressing so much on veggie count but will be eating alot of veggies and eating pretty clean – emphasis on minimum 1g protein minimum / pound of LBM – for me that’s about 104g). Will keep getting my healthy probiotics in the greek yogurt thank you! for now … as long as i drop 2 – 3pds this coming week, i’d rather keep it this way.

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