Getting Started ….Day 1

Whew! Umm, I’ve been here before.  Started, did good, fell off the wagon, started again, and so on …. sound familiar … well, I have to admit it – it’s been insanity (doing the same thing, expecting different results).  Consistency … have to discover it’s true meaning or maybe I already know what it is and just have to embrace it … be consistent with consistency … lol …. and ughhh.

So what am I doing different this time around?  Well, I’m adding real accountability, with my very best friend who means the world to me.  I know my success will help her and hers will help me tremendously.  I know we could join any anonymous low carb group out there but having her really be there for me I believe will have an incredible impact.

Philly – ok, this is what I’m thinking I’ll need, lemme know how you feel about it.  If I’m having a real craving attack for something toxic (like stuff w/ sugar / carbs), I’m thinking I’ll need to text / call you real quick and if it’s real bad, pray for me right there.  Or i’ll text like “This cake at the party looks sooo good … text me back in 5 min. and ask me how it went” so I know I’ll have to be accountable.  Or just to know I can vent somewhere (like here I suppose).

Weighed in today ( i think I like Mondays for weigh ins) 146 – OUCH 😦

Goal: 115 – 120ish

I’m addicted to exercise, good thing – so I’m not gonna have a challenge getting my workouts in but my challenge is only staying on the right eating path.  Normally I do well for a few days then completely blow it for the next 2 days, then repeat.  Because I do intense strength training regularly, I will eventually need a carb up day, likely 1x/wk but for these first 2 wks since glycogen stores are pretty built up, I will not indulge in a carb up day until Feb. 18th if needed.   (I will know if it’s time because my training performance, strength and endurance will significantly decrease).  Net carb range 20 – 25/day.  1350 – 1450 calories/day.  Planning to limit strength training to no more than 3x/wk so I can get more cardio in.

In a way I’m so nervous to fail again … but I’m glad today is about over and I did well 🙂

9:30 – 11:15 Workout at Gym

12 pm- Protein Drink (4 net carbs)

2pm – Beef / veggie  / tofu noodle dish (6 net carbs)

4pm – 1/3c greek yogurt / 1pkt truvia / 1/8C walnuts  (5 net carbs)

7pm – roast pork, green beans (not sure on the beans, 6 net carbs guessing)

9pm – Protein Drink & 1T heavy cream (4 net carbs)

* drank water & green tea throughout the day

* supps:  vitamin / mineral / guarana (ran out of fish oil the other day, must get some soon)

Approximately 25 net carbs / not sure on the calories but probably within my range ….I’m more concerned about the carb count for my first real day 🙂

tofu noodle dish, sprinkled w/ Parmesan was great!



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