Day 4 / Thurs … so far

just jotting my food here so far to help me keep track .. will edit as the day goes on …

Coffee w/ 2 Truvia & 1.5T heavy cream – 75 cal / 1NC

24 raw almonds – 3NC / 160 cal / 6 protein

MIM (muffin in a min, atkins recipe) & 1t butter – 270cal / 3.2NC / 12.2 pro

later in the day:

2 protein shakes: 260 cal / 8 NC / 46 pro

main meal: shirataki noodles, sausage, mojo sauce (EVOO, tangelo 1/4 juice, garlic, sweet onion, cilantro) 15NC / 728 cal / 24 pro

30 NC (ugh .. a bit high – main culprit was the sausage which had 6nc)

1507 cal (ok since yesterdays calories were really low, evens out)

89 protein (low but cant add more carbs or calories at this point)



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One response to “Day 4 / Thurs … so far

  1. salina110

    Thurs turned out pretty much as written but need to add about 1/4 serving dried anchovies I was munching on while watching a school basketball game. Good for me that I brought a no carb snack so the concession stand wouldn’t tempt me to much 🙂

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