Day 8 / Monday / Weigh 141.5 (starting weight 146)

LOST 4.5 pds!
Whoo Hoo ….
more than i expected
wore a fitted tank (tummy looked flatter – yayy) and my Hollister sweats (which my booty used to fill up but is starting to get a bit loser) … my workout partner noticed the difference …
killed it in the gym – 2hr strength circuit …

was thinking abt going traditional Atkins Induction but personally don’t like the restrictive nature of stressing on getting 12 – 15 foundation veggies and not being able to have 1/4c greek yogurt w/ 1/8C walnuts like i normally have …

I think i will continue traditional bodybuilding style keto (which is under 30NC – emphasis on high fat / moderate protein / low carb – not stressing so much on veggie count but will be eating alot of veggies and eating pretty clean – emphasis on minimum 1g protein minimum / pound of LBM – for me that’s about 104g). Will keep getting my healthy probiotics in the greek yogurt thank you! for now … as long as i drop 2 – 3pds this coming week, i’d rather keep it this way.


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