Day 9 / Happy Valentine’s Day ….

ok … just when i think i’ve nailed having baked goods around and not giving in … i mean I made cookie bars last week and was able to control myself … even sat next to them all week while working (they’re on the counter) and was still able to make it thru w/o too much temptation … but ughhh… made these Valentine’s day cupcakes … meant to have just 1 … well, had 2 … homemade strawberry cupcakes (1 cup berries in there – no butter, used coconut oil) with coconut frosting (again no butter, that frosting there is just coconut oil creamed w/ pwdr sugar & coconut extract topped w/ shredded coconut).

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then i had some fun and made a table scape

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

then made sure i did a guilt / compensation meal that would carry me thru the next few days … sauteed in coconut oil (yep, we use alot of it here): cabbage, sweet onion, garlic and beef roast, shredded.

ok, so my macros look like:
somewhere around 1800 – 1900 cal – not sure on the cal. count for the cupcakes
70 carbs
126 proteiin …

omg, horrible … have to be PERFECT tomorrow … have planned it all out … i’m putting it out here now to be accountable … macros for tomorrow look like:

1075 calories or 1175 if I have an extra cup of coffee w/ cream …
24 NC
109 protein


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