Day 15 & 16 + weigh in ….

Day 15 could have been a good day … until i caved to some homemade white bread šŸ˜¦

Macros for day 15:

1447calories / 42 NC / 112 protein

DAY 16 went well šŸ™‚ … i have to make sure every day is like this! or i will be knocked outa keto & wt will start packing on! take off the fat suit … take off the fat suit … i keep telling myself …

1428calories / 20NC / 105 protein

2 scoops mocha protein powder mixed w/ 1T heavy cream & 1/2 T cocoa powder (makes it taste late-ish)

travel mug sz green tea w/ lemon wedge (unsweetened)

drank 1/2 of protein drink prior to workout then the rest post workout

* 1hr strength training circuit & 20m HIIT (sprints) on arc – tough workout!!

mid day: spring mix salad w/ 2T homemade Tzadziki sauce & boneless chicken thigh cooked tandori style (baked)

afternoon snack: 12 almonds & Coffee / 2T heavy cream & 1.5 pkt truvia

dinner: Low carb “burger”: burger patty w/ mustard on 2 oopsie rolls

dessert: chocolate mouse: 3T heavy cream w/ 1pkt truvia & 1/2T coacoa powder

evening snack: 1 hard boiled egg whites, 1 egg white & asian plum white tea & .5 pkt truvia

(3pkts sweetner consumed today – that’s my limit … we’ll see if i can still loose while consuming up to 3 pkts per day …)

feeling good …. just know that the pressure is on … If I can drop 4pds / mo (1pd / wk), i’m cool but i really messed up last week alot and it shows… however at least it looks like i’ll be down 4pds this month … but if i can do better, i need to … hoping week 3 will find me at 140 or lower …

wk 1: 146 to 141.5

wk 2: 141.5 to 142


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