Induction – Day 2

@Salina – what a great job you have done blogging your progress on Low Carb.  SO proud of you 😉

Today is Induction Day 2 for me.  For those of you who don’t know me, a Low Carb diet  (Atkins) is the way I lost my baby weight (after having four children) and kept it off for close to three years.  After going through a divorce, and losing the structure I had set up to exercise and diet low carb – the weight came back.  It’s SO important to realize that this is a lifestyle.  There is no “finally there” and quit living this way.  If you do, the same thing will happen – the weight will come back (and possibly additional weight to boot).  So stick with it.  Those are my words of wisdom today.

Okay – so far I have had 3 scrambled eggs w/ minced onion & shredded cheddar cheese. Mmmm – delish breakfast.

Oh, and of course three 8 oz cups of coffee (I am NOT a morning person.  The coffee is a necessity.)

For lunch, I will have a chicken salad (2 cups iceburg lettuce, 1/2 chicken breast baked, 5 grape tomatoes, and 1 0z shredded colby & monteray jack cheese w/ 2 TBSP of full fat Ranch dressing.  Mmmm!

For dinner, I will have Lemon Pepper Talapia and Broccoli w/ cheese.

If I am hungry inbetween meals, I will eat a couple boiled eggs.  I’m not too much of a snacker once I hit Ketosis.  I think I’m pretty close to getting there 🙂

I’ll plug all this into FitDay and post an update with the Calories, Carb, and Protein counts this evening (when I also post for accountability).


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