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6 days of phase 1 atkins compliance … yayy

hey, i know it’s just 6 days but this is a change for me being this strict … a greatly needed change … calories have run on the higher end some days 1800ish! but at least carbs have been under 20 … i’m anxious to see how the scale looks Mon. then i will at least know where to go – lower carb / calories if needed … am just sick of being stuck here at 141! so not cool … will do what i gotta do to get thru this block … whadda u think if i don’t lose – drop the carbs or drop the calories?

ok, and here’s my inspirational link for the week:


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keto breath …..

tho i don’t normally buy gum, finally broke down and got some cuz I’m tired of offending people and my own son at home … i heard when you ingest enough lemon juice you don’t get it as bad? gonna make sure I squeeze lemon in my tea and see how that goes …

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gross MIM … lol

ok, so why all of a sudden is my occasional MIM tasting metallic and gross

so i’m thinking it was the baking soda and found this:

so i’m gonna find some aluminum free baking soda and see how it goes … i couldn’t even finish my breakfast MIM today even after trying to down it with some coffee! ugh

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Induction – Day 18

Sorry for the long delay in posts.  So many things have been going on in my life, but thank God I have been able to stick to strict Induction eating.  It really comes somewhat naturally for me, so I don’t even have to do a whole lot of planning.  I know, I know – that sounds conceited.. and I certainly don’t mean it like that.  I’m just able to turn down all the pizza, ice cream, cookie cake (my son celebrated his 10th birthday on the 11th) with no real issues – because I know I DON’T want to be this heavy.  I have done this once before, and am so disappointed in myself for straying from the low carb lifestyle and allowing my once lean and trim body to turn soft and flabby again :/  But praise God for Dr. Atkins putting into plain English how to reverse it – without starving!!

I am in a deep Ketosis now (as I can tell by the side effect of bad breath).  So now, I get to chew lots of sugar free gum.  Well,  not lots – because you need to count the carbs if you’re chewing a ton of it… But you get the point.

We are so blessed to have a Community Center in our town that has free skating and basketball – so I have taken up skating with the kids.  This is an EXCELLENT exercise.  Especially since I don’t have access to any strength training equipment, and don’t own free weights at this point.  I also walk a lot to supplement.  My real goal right now is to step up the exercise to maximize the weight loss.  Remember, Dr. Atkins said exercise is non-negotiable.  Besides, what else are we going to do with all this extra energy 😉

For those wondering, my meals look something like this.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, onions, cheddar cheese (LOVE this – and it never gets old to me).

Mid morning snack: Bacon strips (pre-cooked and stored in the fridge in an air tight container) w/ sliced cucumbers

Lunch: Chicken breast or Talapia w/ Spinage or Green Beans

Dinner: Steak, Chicken, or Talapia w/ Spinage or Green Beans

Drink: Diet soda (this is an occasional treat – not an everyday thing)  – Mostly I stick with Unsweetened Tea.

If I’m craving something sweet (which has only happened once so far – and was last night) I make a low carb Induction friendly chocolate mouse.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video where I learned to make it 😉

PS.  I have tried the chocolate and regular MIM (Muffin In a Minute) and I just can’t get into it.  It’s gross to me :/  I am not giving up though – I still have a lot of Flax Meal left, so I want to give it another go.  I’ll update when I can find a recipe I actually like.

So there you have it – things have been going well, and I am seeing real results.  My size 8’s are fitting!!! (Still a tad tight – but I am encouraged 🙂

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a lil high on calories … carbs were ok

21 Net Carbs
1600 calories
97g protein

felt kinda hungry today … had to eat a bit more than planned, thus the calories … i had an extra coffee w/ 2T of heavy cream – that packed in an extra 100 calories i wasn’t planning on … may have to curb the coffee appetite … but 2 cups / day feels so great …. (the rest is green tea) … will try to do just one cup tomorrow … wouldn’t it be great if i could still lose while eating like 1600 cal / day … i did the first time around on atkins but didn’t the next time … i wonder now? we’ll see …

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Week 5 Weigh In 141.0

Starting feb 7 : 146
Yesterday march 13 : 141.0

exactly 5pds

averages 1pd/wk

i’ll take that … but need to keep this pace or better …

have to stop all the small slip ups – like yesterday’s serving of cheesy hashbrown casserole!

strength training is still going good – 192pd bench press babbyyy! best yet 🙂

am staying on track today has been good so far …. have to keep it that way

if i keep losing 1pd/wk average – i’ll be 122pd by my 40th b’day(i just HAVE to look GREAT at 4-0 okay)! …. i’ll have to see how i look at that wt … i may wanna stay there or go down another 10 … we’ll see … i wanna get real lean but don’t wanna have to sacrifice my curves or totally losing my butt to get there ya know …

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keeping it simple has really seemed to help ….

i’m a foodie by nature, so that means i really like to enjoy a wide variety of foods and while low carbing that usually means a wide variety of produce… but due to time & budget constraints, I thought I’d try to keep it simple and it seems to be working out even better … sure i’d love to add a lil more variety but i’m kinda liking this for now … my main weekly produce buys are:
$5 Organic Girl Spring Mix Salad (pre washed), comes in a big 10oz container (lasts 1wk)
$2/wk – big bag is $6 frozen broccoli fr Sam’s (bulk buy) (lasts 3 wks)
$1/wk $5 est big bag sweet onions (lasts almost a month)
$1/wk garlic – i put fresh garlic in everything
$1/wk $5 – 2 heads of cabbage
$1/wk bag of lemons (i use to flavor my unsweet tea and to marinade meats & to make salad dressing

so by not adding all the other veggies i’d love to have, leaving out the fluff … i’m only spending like $11/wk or so on produce which is great for me, i used to spend tons more. After i lose more wt & have more $, i’ll be sure to add all the stuff i’m missing: eggplant, squashes, tomato, avacado, etc …

my basic meals are now looking like:

protein drink

salad w/ meat, cheese, homemade dressing

meat or fish w/ broccoli & aioli

boiled egg

1/4C greek yogurt or cottage cheese & 1/8C walnuts

*meats are normally cooked in coconut oil / dressings are usually EVOO based or sour cream/heavy cream base

usually comes to 1300 – 1400cal, lots of fat & 105 – 120g protein, 18 – 25NC

Gonna hover w/ this plan for about the next 2 wks and see how my body responds …
i’m growing more confident every day that i had a good day … feels great
and today was a pretty good day – stayed on plan 🙂 came out to 1450cal / 26NC / 105pro

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