Induction – Days 4 & 5

The last couple of days have been pretty good.  I haven’t been sleeping well, until last night.  It felt SO good to get more than an hour or so of sleep.  So today, I am feeling REALLY good.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs, w/ onions, salt & pepper.

Lunch was Chicken breast w/ yellow squash.

Dinner will be Talapia w/ broccoli (out of cheese at the moment – may run to pick some up, but may have it without, too).

I’ve replaced ALL soda’s with unsweet tea.  I fill up a gallon jug and try to work my way through it throughout the day to make sure I’m drinking enough.  And of course, I have my usual 3-4 cups of coffee in the mornings.

Overall, feeling great!  Next goal – step up the exercise!

Well, the kids will walk through the door at any moment (home from school) so off I go.  Happy low carb’ing!!


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