Here’s how my out and about day went

today was crazy, out on the road most of the day, only ate one meal at home, so here’s how my day out looked:

Gym (legs & core focus – went a lil heavy, loaded 6! 45pd plates on the leg press:) from about 9 – 10:15am

11am ish the “deli plate” from the grocery store: Roast Turkey (about 6 – 8oz!) huge serving w/ Veggies (mostly squash & sweet onions) 5NC (guessing)

then went to the Museum of Natural History – so fun! w/ my favorite guy in the world 🙂

4pm ish ate at one of our favorite places, Chopstix (pan asian stuff), weather was pretty good so got to sit out on the deck right on the lake … the outdoor music playlist was old school, lets get in the mood music (luther, lionel, brian mcknight, aretha) – soo romantic .. lol. Food was AWESOME ok … ordered the Crunch Shrimp in Basil Sauce w/ Veggies. Shrimps were big! 15NC (guessing)

10pm Meatloaf (ground beef, onions, carrots, garlic, egg) (1.75/slc – i had 2 slices)
3.5 NC

About 23NC for the day – i’m ok w/ that, would like to stay 20 – 30max NC / day. so this will work .. i feel like my body is getting back in Keto! babbyy …. Fat burning territory … lol


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