Macros for today …

1740cal / 99g protein / 33 NC

went over on carbs 😦

main culprits: ranch salad dressing from McDonald’s. bummer – i really thought it’d have less AND i had 2 nut butter muffins instead of 1 😦

this is not cool … i need to tighten up …

i’m thinking i can’t handle these nut butter muffins … they are small but carry 6.5NC ea so the limit would definitely need to be just one! which is hard w/ these tasty things … so coffee-dippable … hard to stop @ just 1

i’ve gotta do my game plan for tomorrow cuz i wont lose anything if i have another day like this …

1600cal / 113g protein / 22NC
* I know the calories are getting up there (all this fat i’m adding, coconut oil here, butter, there, heavy cream), would like to keep it there as it makes me feel full, we’ll see how it affects … i don’t feel like going lower like my original target of under 1400 😦

breakfast: coffee / cream / 1pkt sweetner
2 egg omelet w/ feta cheese & olives cooked in 1T coconut oil
nut butter muffin

lunch: 6oz chix tenderloins cooked in 1t coconut oil & seasoned w/ hot sauce / lemon / butter / garlic
on Spring Mix organic salad, 2C. homemade dressing of: 2T sour cream / 1T heavy cream / squeeze lemon /
dash hot sauce. 1/4C crumbled feta cheese & 1 crumbled hard boiled egg white

Dinner: 1 slice of meatloaf (has veggies in it)

Snack: 1 scoop protein powder (mocha flavor – yumm), i may use coffee in it to give it even more coffee flav


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