why is this so up & down :(

was having a great day! like one of those – i’m so in keto, i’m not even feeling hungry kind of days ..

– 10am peanut butter / walnuts (breakfast) & coffee / cream / truvia

– 2pm – 2 scoops protein powder

– 5pm – organic spring mix salad
homemade Cesar dressing (EVOO, lemon squeeze, garlic clove, anchovy paste, sea salt, pepper – soo good!)
baked chicken on the salad
sprinkled w/ shredded fresh parmesean

– 7pm Perfectly cooked (med) filet minon

OK, here’s where it gets UGLY

a serving of Paula Deen’s Ooey Gooey Butter Cake! – 50!!! carbs in that baby alone – had it not been for that i would’ve been good at 20NC today…. i’m soo mad at myself .. i don’t know why i did it … i wasn’t even craving sugar or sweets … it was just there … as i was serving to my son, who only gained 3 pounds in the past year (is trying to put on wt) and can eat all the sweets he wants … ughhh

if i can make it to the gym tomorrow, am going to do weekly weigh in and face the real truth … why is mastering low carb so friggin hard for me .. i have no problem working out, training hard but this? … ughhh

to top it off – right after i ate the dern cake, i have a full blown sugar overload head ache … if u’ve been low carb for a while and eat a high dose of carbs, u know what i’m talking about … feeling so crappy right now and i have to stay up and work for the next 2 hrs … thinking about that cake now just makes me wanna puke …


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