had a really good day :)

made a few modifications to my plan from last night but thankfully it did not affect the carb count much … here’s what it ended up looking:

1521 calories :/ (maybe ok? we’ll see)
110g protein 🙂
112g fat 🙂

whoo hooo! especially on the protein and carb count

game plan for tomorrow: 1400cal / 18NC / 97g fat / 113g protein

breakfast: coffee/cream/truvia, 1/4C greek yogurt/truvia/1/8C walnuts & 2 whole strawberries
1 scoop protein powder

lunch: 4oz baked chicken atop bed of spring mix organic greens dressed w/ homemade Cesar dressing

dinner: 4oz tilapia filet pan fried in 1T coconut oil in cast iron pan
1C steamed broccoli

snack: 2 boiled eggs w/ 1T mayo

evening unsweet White Asian Plum tea

planning for tomorrow just seems to give me some peace of mind that i have a plan to follow and let’s me know i can set some tilapia in the fridge to defrost …


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