keeping it simple has really seemed to help ….

i’m a foodie by nature, so that means i really like to enjoy a wide variety of foods and while low carbing that usually means a wide variety of produce… but due to time & budget constraints, I thought I’d try to keep it simple and it seems to be working out even better … sure i’d love to add a lil more variety but i’m kinda liking this for now … my main weekly produce buys are:
$5 Organic Girl Spring Mix Salad (pre washed), comes in a big 10oz container (lasts 1wk)
$2/wk – big bag is $6 frozen broccoli fr Sam’s (bulk buy) (lasts 3 wks)
$1/wk $5 est big bag sweet onions (lasts almost a month)
$1/wk garlic – i put fresh garlic in everything
$1/wk $5 – 2 heads of cabbage
$1/wk bag of lemons (i use to flavor my unsweet tea and to marinade meats & to make salad dressing

so by not adding all the other veggies i’d love to have, leaving out the fluff … i’m only spending like $11/wk or so on produce which is great for me, i used to spend tons more. After i lose more wt & have more $, i’ll be sure to add all the stuff i’m missing: eggplant, squashes, tomato, avacado, etc …

my basic meals are now looking like:

protein drink

salad w/ meat, cheese, homemade dressing

meat or fish w/ broccoli & aioli

boiled egg

1/4C greek yogurt or cottage cheese & 1/8C walnuts

*meats are normally cooked in coconut oil / dressings are usually EVOO based or sour cream/heavy cream base

usually comes to 1300 – 1400cal, lots of fat & 105 – 120g protein, 18 – 25NC

Gonna hover w/ this plan for about the next 2 wks and see how my body responds …
i’m growing more confident every day that i had a good day … feels great
and today was a pretty good day – stayed on plan 🙂 came out to 1450cal / 26NC / 105pro


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