38 days of Induction

Okay – long overdue update.   I started Induction on February 26th.  That makes today the 38th day of Induction.  I decided to buy some Ketone strips to see how deep of Ketosis I am in (and make sure I’m doing this right, still).  Here’s what the picture looked like – which made me a tad discouraged, until I was told by Salina that if you’ve been exercising that Ketones will not show as much (which I have been).  So, I’ll be encouraged that I AM still in Ketosis – and trucking right along 🙂

My ketone test strip 4/4/12

I guess it’s time I show a coupe pics of what I look like now.  Here’s me before I started (no, I am not doing a full body pic – because honestly, I don’t have one) – so you’ll just have to go based on my chubby face 🙂  And here’s one of me now – today – April 4, 2012 so you can compare / contrast.


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  1. salina110

    Philly – you are doing AWESOME and looking great!

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