FINALLY starting to lose again!

So I was like stuck at 141 which seemed like FOREVER … on about 20 – 25NC

Had to try a different approach … went down to 20 … still not much difference …. decided maybe my body could not handle the sugar alcohols in the 3 packets of Truvia i normally had and the protein drink i normally had per day. Yea, my protein powder has a lil of Splenda (sucralose) crap in it. For some unfortunate souls, it will still provoke an insulin spike … treating it like toxic white sugar … I think I am one of those unfortunate souls because ….

I LOST 5 POUNDS in 12 days – a MIRACLE for me okay!!

Because I no longer have the 3 truvia packets and will only have the protein drink for post workout on the days i do work out (normally just 3days/wk), my Net Carb / day has been about 13 – 15/day. Calories are staying pretty high at 1600 – 1800. Protein is staying at about 105 so the only change was dropping the sweetner and carbs.

I’m SOO RELIEVED something is working … i think 20 NC was too high for me at least now … am so motivated to stay on this path until a few more pounds before changing anything. I still miss my walnuts & greek yogurt … but maybe after I get out of the 130s I will slowly add them back and see if I can still lose with them.


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