Day two. And a workout!

Working out on the leg press as I type this 🙂 yay. But boo on how out of shape I am!! Looking forward to getting back IN shape now that I can lift weights again.

To be really honest I do not follow the reps suggestion jazz. I go until exhaustion (muscle exhaustion), recover, and go again until exhaustion.

Anyway today’s eating has been clean, although I am incorporating some natural peanut butter as a cheap protein source. I know, I know. It’s not induction approved. When I get a bigger grocery budget I will replace it.




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2 responses to “Day two. And a workout!

  1. salina110

    lookin good, gurl! work it 😉 don’t feel like u need to do a ton of reps … when using just fat for fuel, u can get better muscle tone gains if you go heavier and slow, lower reps (6 – 12 rep range would be good), if u can do more reps, add more wt. Just glad that u can work out again!

  2. Thanks, Salina 😉

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