Gotta start this week right …

confessions – had a BAD weekend 😦 was supposed to be just 1 or 1/2 a free day but turned into much more! UGHHH

so today am arming my fridge with already made protein so I can always have it there, ready and on hand and not make any careless slips ….. so am cooking the sausage & chicken for the week. Already went to the store and bought my basic veggies – organic spring mix salad, sweet salad peppers, sweet onion (do we have a theme there, sweet), feta, parmesean, etc. I’ll make some ranch dressing and green tea later … it’s been a busy day in the kitchen

am SOO proud of my co-lowcarber and dearest friend here, my hero Philly!! getting back in keto so quick – we have to stick this week out together, we can do it!

well, feeling great so far today – black coffee w/ a teaspoon of coconut oil is becoming my morning joy …
then followed w/ 3 bacons and veggie/chicken omelet w/ cheese …i’m feeling really satisfied n ready for the day 🙂


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