Lazy on Low Carb ….

I used to get so creative in the kitchen. These days, I feel lazy … I don’t put much planning or effort in. There’s really nothing much to plan at this point. Breakfast is pretty much egg omelet with veggie, cheese w/ some meat (chicken, beef or sausage, whatevers there). Lunch is a big bowlful or organic mixed greens topped with chicken, salad peppers, some sort of cheese and whatever dressing I’m in the mood for (homemade). Dinner is ditto lunch with variations on the cheese and dressing. If i need more protein, I’ll add a tilapia fillet and or cheese stick. I don’t get too caught up on buying varied veggies every week like I used to … I find it’s easier if I just buy a huge container of the salad greens (ready to eat, easy!) and have some frozen broccoli for variety when needed.

I like that this simplifies my life 🙂


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