Doing just horrible here ….

sooo inconsistent … UGH ….

so proud of u Philly for getting back on track despite feeling crappy …. i need to be doing what you’re doing … getting back to STRICT phase 1

been working out and on my feet ALOT … mostly cardio – because we had a lot of demos, classes and I had a show so had lots of practice time and sweat … but was short on planning time and getting mentally prepared for what it takes for me to stay keto (under 15nc). I find that even working out 5x/wk, even if it’s HITT and/or interval training doesn’t necessarily translate into weight loss but does keep me strong and toned.

This coming week is gonna be make or break for my end of month goal so am doing grocery list – finally got some money in so can go shopping … I’ve been out of my staple “good fats” which really help so much when on low carb to keep you on tract – out of or low on heavy cream, coconut oil and butter !! and no bacon … gotta get to the store MONDAY for sure

only got about 2 weeks!!!! ahhhhh

ok, i’m taking a risk here … gonna post this pic cuz i took yesterday at a show …. i better look less “fluffy” by month’s end!!
taken May 11


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