Going back to logging EVERYTHING – Day 1 Induction (again)

since I’ve been so inconsistent – am going back to logging everything. Bought food for the next 2wks ish so planned out my menu – pretty much the same thing everyday until food runs out:
Meal 1: scrambled 2 eggs w/ red onions, sweet peppers, 1/4c cheddar & 1T heavy cream. 2 bacon
Meal 2: burger patty w/ 2T aioli (homemade!) & 2 campari tomatoes
Meal 3: Big plate (abt 1.5C) of spring mix salad, 4oz Chix breast, 1.5T ranch (homemade), 1/8C cheddar, 2T chopped red onions
Meal 4: Same as Meal 3 (I’ll make it once but can’t finish it so will save the remaining for this meal)

Add 1 scoop protein powder ONLY if weight training to nourish/repair muscles after a heavy lifting session.

Macros w/o protein pwdr: 14NC, 102 protein, 1305calories
Macros w/ 1/2 scoop pwdr: 17NC, 114 protein, 1365 calories
Macros w/ 1 scoop pwdr: 20NC, 126 protein, 1425 calories
*Aiming to weight train 2 – 3 times / wk
*Cardio 2x/wk (1/2 scoop to no protein powder on cardio only days)

here’s meal 2:


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