Day 2 :/ Day 3 :)

Day 2 was :/
Meal 1 & 2 were on track – caved on Meal 3 (slice of son’s pizza and half a slice of cheesecake)

Day 3 🙂
which is a good thing especially since I had a demo to go to and there was an entire tale of sweets (which I took some home for my son and didn’t have a bite of those double choco chip brownies) I packed a plate with salad, cheese a few cold cuts (gross, it’s processed meat but that’s all there was) and ranch dressing

for dinner spiced up some boring chicken breast – sauteed 3oz in 3 cloves of fresh garlic, 1T fresh grated ginger, 2T chopped red onion, seasoned w/ fresh parsley, tumeric, cumin, sea salt and a little garam masala. added about 2T water to get it all cooking along w/ a small campari tomato then hit it was about 2T heavy cream – it was sooo good! will be doing it more often and just look at all those lovely superfoods there to keep us healthy and young lookin!


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