24hr fast

24hr (just morning coffee & water) from Sat 1pm – Sun 1pm
had not fasted for a while so i didn’t know how hard it was going to be for me. It was most difficult at about 6-8hrs but not as bad as I thought it would be. By the next day, I felt really good (expected). Went to church w/ the kids then out to lunch to finally eat – family vote (and coupons in hand) headed to Steak N Shake. I went ALL OUT – burger, fries, shake and paid HARD for it – MAJOR debilitating head ache! – had to lie down for at least 2hrs this afternoon – could not even function :/

I’m feeling like a total failure on atkins style low carb even though I know it works when you can stick to it. That is my friggin problem. I like eating lower carb but cant seem to stick to the 12 – 15g NC / day I seem to require to lose weight. With finishing this fast, I think I’d like to try ADF for a bit (maybe a month?) and see how I feel there … would still be lower carb on eating days but not as strict as Phase 1 atkins (would be more like phase 2 – 25NC/day ish) Best times for me would be fasting from 1pm – 1pm (24hrs) every other day ….

ok so Philly – are u gonna kill me if I change to ADF / LC … whadda u think – cuz i really suck on this plan 😦 seems like 3 steps forward, 2.5 steps back for me ….


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