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it’s Jimmy

Jimmy Moore! guest hosting on my fav: undergroundwellness ! great show


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Day 4

i ended up not being home much at all – had to eat ALL on the go / road …

coffee all morning (2 cups)
1pm – Pemmican (beef / tallow/ craisins)
3pm – Wendy’s Chili (no crackers or cheese) & unsweet tea
5pm – 1c coffee & dark chocolate (homemade of 1T butter / 1T coconut oil & 2 T coacoa powder & 1/4t honey – ran outa truvia!)
8pm – 5 fried chicken wings from store deli

so the chili & fried chix packed some carbs
about 42 net carbs / 105g fat / 92g protein
1682 calories

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We have fallen off the low-carb wagon the last several days, after an unplanned night out with friends Friday AND Saturday night. That’s why it is SO important to keep “cheat days” to a minimal (plan them out). Human behavior is so peculiar, isn’t it?!!

Planning a re-start on Monday. More to come, soon.

Had a GREAT time Saturday night… but I need to get back to Livin’ Lavida Low Carb 🙂

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Breakfast for Dinner

for the past 3 nights I’ve been having a 2 egg omelet cooked in 1T coconut oil with some red onions, parsley and cheddar. Then following it with 2oz of red wine. quite filling. Works out great cuz it’s a cheap meal and also I don’t usually eat in the mornings so getting my breakfast fix at night is working. Also, it’s quick and easy! if only fixing dinner for the kids was this easy ….

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Day 3 (Aug 29) Accountability

1660 cal 🙂
38 net carbs 😦
115g Fat 🙂
91g Protein :/ (need a bit more)

made an oreo cookie ice cream cake for my son’s birthday tomorrow … ate 1 oreo … ugh … was so not worth it, didn’t even taste all that. 1 oreo has 8 CARBS!

other mess up was a few fries from son’s plate, that put me back like 10 carbs

I’m glad I’m logging everything I eat again cuz I see how every little bite matters

Isaiah’s birthday is tomorrow and I can’t even taste the cake! that is my resolve. then, his birthday party is on Sat. so must be sure I don’t mess up there either …

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nutrition accountability day 2 (8/28 – yest)

pretty similar to yesterday w/ the addition of an additional scoop of protein powder as a post recovery for a particular heavy workout. Oh, also I did a 1hr cardio class for monday and a heavy weights workout last night.

Food: 25carbs / 106g fat / 122 protein
1715 calories
consumption times: 1pm – 8:45pm
*cals. should have been about 100 lower … will need to work on that

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back to counting calories … ugh …

So I’ve been focusing on eating really clean which is great but I got away from logging my food and checking my macros.

Well, I decided to start tracking to see where that’s taken me after I tried on my jeans and they were pretty snug 😦 So I discovered that with me being “unregulated” I was eating like 2000 – 2200 calories on a typical day! which for my small frame is just wayy too much, even when low carb. That’s my maintenance calorie range.

I know for “keto” and low carb / atkins / paleo, whatever, we are told not to worry about calories which is fine for the most part but I’ve been doing some research as to why my body won’t budge or budges for just a sec then returns …

well, here’s my take, my body’s at 26% body fat and I’m thinking at a “happy homeostasis”. Read here; and see #11 (great article btw) … so here i go again trying to figure this out …

bmr is around 2100 so will see how I do for the next month on 1500 – 1600 cals on an IF schedule + 2 clean carb meals on either sat or sun. Macros as typically recommended: 1g/protein for ea. pd of lean body mass (this means 105g protein minimum for me) about the same amt in fat (105+ fat grams / day) and under 25 net carbs. I just can mentally commit to under 15net carbs / day at this point. Hoping this will result in at least 2 – 3pds fat loss / month, more would be nice, but just erring on the realistic side.

so i plugged everything into myfitnesspal and here’s my day, pretty good:
1570 calories
25 net carbs
100g fat
105g protein

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