Let’s say I’m starting … again …

good news … been eating “clean” type foods … aka … rel food

no cravings for white stuff (flour, bread, pastas), I think they are gone for good!

been doing IF almost daily (intermittent fasting) just cuz it feels good … i found out why it feels good too .. it improves insulin sensitivity. It’s easy for me to go 12 – 18hrs w/ no food and no energy / sugar crashes

I just eat when I’m hungry, learning to listen to my body better now …

friend gifted me a juicer and dehydrator – LOVE them, makes low carb living even more fun, more options …

bad news: i still weigh the same … my birthday came and went and I was still at about 140 (keep in mind goal weight is still 25 – 30 pds away)! but I am coming to a place where I’m appreciating where I’m at. I wear a sz 6 – 8, am healthy and strong and don’t look grossly out of shape. I feel like it was an important lesson to celebrate that knowing where I had come from. Ok, fine, embraced that … but now it’s time to reach higher. I do want more than good health and good body. I want OPTIMAL so I’m back on board here 🙂

here are pics fr 1 mo ago on my 40th bday w/ some of my kids (notice my lil girl is expecting!) … will maybe post some every mo…. I am loving that my sis Philly is doing sooo awesome! she is my inspiration! if she can do this keeping up w/ all those kids, hubby & work …. no excuses for me…


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