Philly, thanks for the motivational …

pic you just posted!

i will be channeling Philly this week so I can go on long periods w/o cheating as you have to come this far!

that is my problem … probably cheat every few days! brown rice here, potato there … it adds up …

so far for today

8am Coffee w/ 2T whole milk (ran outa cream) & 1 pkt truvia
10am canned tuna mixed w/ homemade mayo, parsley, red onion, boiled eggs atop 2 stalks of celery
1pm 12 raw almonds + 1 serving pemmican (beef jerkey shredded mixed w/ tallow and few craisins & sea salt)
3pm coffeew / 2T whole milk n truvia

still to go:
4:30pm Chicken w/ Cabbage/onion (about 1/4 of onion used) /garlic /carrot (about 2″ of a carrot used) medley
8pm protein drink + 1T homemade coconut manna (1net carb)

this will give me about 20net carbs

please Lord, help me stay on track! amen


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