New Discovery – Protein Puddin’

ok, I’ve heard of it before but never actually tried it. When I’m not in the mood to “drink” a whey drink I can now eat it 🙂 I love the ones from Defense Nutrition, especially the plain because it’s 30g protein and only 2 net carbs! and only 2 ingredients! whey & sunflower lecithin – THAT’S IT – not kidding. It gets better – the whey is so high quality, comes from grass fed, pastured cows and is cold processed whey consentrate – NOT the nasty isolate. So I use 2 scoops whey, mix w/ just enough water or almond milk ( i don’t buy almond milk anymore) for “pudding” consistency tablespoon of almond butter and tablespoon greek yogurt, full fat of course.

This is a great, nutritionally dense snack / meal for about 4 net carbs 🙂 Debating on what to start my day with MIM or Puddin …


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  1. Yep, I’ve done this before too! Sometimes the pudding consistency is more interesting than the drink. I add whey to other things, too, where it’s not the main ingredient.

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