Hello Nutritional Ketosis (day 1)

So it’s been forever since I’ve visited here.

LOTS has happened as it does in life …. including I got married to my wonderful husband! so thankful for him in our lives 🙂 ok, but as it pertains here … my low carb life hasn’t been all roses … up / down, up / down … you get the idea …. some good points – have found a produce / egg farmer less than a mile away with GREAT prices so I have access to organic and fresh stuff all the time and also found a pork farmer in the area so I always have local smoked bacon (no nitrites added, etc), pork chops, pan sausage, all the good stuff on hand which helps alot! he has eggs too from his 50+ chickens and IT’S ONLY $2/DOZ!!!

So as for stats, basically the same … have been in the same 138 – 145 range FOREVER … have been on / off nutritional keto for the past few months but as we know, one must stay with it to see results and this holiday season has totally thrown me off. Today was my first day back in strict nutritional keto mode (under 20g net carbs and HIGH fat 75+%) … i’m talking beef fat with just a little onions and a jalapeno for breakfast, macadamia nuts for snacks, etc. I’m feeling better already and thankful for the satiety I’m feeling.

I realized it’s a bit much for me to journal here everyday and easier for me to write out what I eat in my paper notebook and share w/ my hubby who is my greatest support. So what I’m purposing to do is come here during the weekend share what my weeks been like. I actually tried to find a nutritional keto support forum but could not find … I must not be really looking enough but I think this will do for now.

here’s how today looked:

coffee / coconut oil / a splash of milk cuz i ran outa cream! 6 drops stevia
1/4C beef Fat (left over from rendered tallow), w/ a few thin slices of onion & jalapeno
1/2C homemade kefir
12oz homemade kombucha w/ ginger
1T almond butter
2C romaine, 1 grilled pork chop, 1T shredded parmesean, 2T pork chop drippings & 5 olives
2.5 boiled eggs made into “deviled eggs” (filling: sour cream, yolks, cream cheese, 1/2t relish, mustard, spices)
macadamia nuts

exercise: taught a 45m mat pilates class

i didn’t put all this in fitday or fitnesspal but i feel pretty good about my first day … may start putting it into fitnesspal for some days

feel too gross after the holidays to post a body shot so head shot for now ....

feel too gross after the holidays to post a body shot so head shot from last month for now ….will challenge myself to post a body shot within a month!


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