Nutritional Keto day 2

happy to report I was able to stay on plan during the day (mainly salad, grass fed beef, olives, deviled eggs, coffee, coconut oil) then  date night with hubby though … Italian cuisine … lots of potential for huge pitfalls … here’s how it went, not too bad but could have been better …

had 1 bite of the bread dipped in EVOO / spices – glad hubby ate up the rest fast

Chicken w/ prosciutto & goat cheese w/ broccoli

side cup soup:  lentil (i know! carbs) & sausage

Starbucks Coffee: salted caramel mocah (small) – yeah, am sure this had carbage too

well, i know it wasn’t perfect, but at this point, just glad I didn’t cave to a whole serving of bread and potatoes

have to stay totally on plan for day 3, with God’s help I can do it!



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