Week in review

So typical, started the week off strong with really great compliance… Things started to drift away… Such as I had mashed potatoes, twice… And they were really good. And, I may not regret it…lol. Rationale, at least they were organic mashed potatoes and were really good. Will this translate to weight-loss? Maybe… I did work out sufficiently and I did stick to real foods except for my son’s birthday donuts on the 4th (had 2, dipped in coffee… And I may not regret that either?) well, I feel so rebellious saying that. Those little and big indulgences just feel right sometimes, emphasis on some times. In any case, fitting in my jeans is feeling pretty good… Not feeling like a stuffed sausage at the moment. Scale says 143. I will do a happy dance once I’m out of the 140s. Husband has promised to get me some Vibram, five fingers once I get out of the 140s so that is a great motivator.

Since I’m here let me lay out my food for the day:

Breakfast: Bacon, one scrambled egg, one Paleo banana muffin (small), coffee with stevia and cream

Lunch: homemade chicken soup (with veggies and some potatoes in it )

Dinner: spinach with more soup

Drinks: 1.5c kombucha, 1/2c kefir, 2c coffee total

Snacks: 1-2more paleo banana muffins (2 of these muffins actually equals one slice), olives and/or hard boiled egg

Workout: either 45 minutes in the gym with weights (leg emphasis today ) and punching on the bag/boxing or 20 minute Tabata session at home

Goals for this coming week:
* stick to real food
* keep fats high enough to maintain satiety
* The mindful of calories… Try to keep 1600 to 1800 range
*see scale say 141-142


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